Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer


The power source of hydraulic hammer is the pressure oil provided by the pump station of excavator or loader.

 It can clean up the floating rock and the soil in the rock crevice more effectively in excavating the foundation 

of building. Correct operation will help the crushing work to proceed quickly. When the operation is insufficient,

 the impact force will not be fully exerted; at the same time, the impact force of the crushing hammer will 

reverberate to the crushing hammer body, guard plate and the operating arm of the engineering machine 

itself, which will lead to the damage of the above parts. 

Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer

The following is the correct operation method of the crushing hammer.

1.The crushing hammer should be lubricated before operation and within 2-3 hours of continuous operation.

 When butter is beaten, the hammer should be placed vertically. The fibre rod should be compacted and

not suspended, so that butter can not enter the hydraulic system. It should be noted that butter should

not be injected too much. Too much butter will stick to the piston. Butter will easily enter the hydraulic

system when it is re-operated.

2. In crushing operation, the crushing hammer should be kept perpendicular to the material and the drill rod 

should be pressed tightly against the crushed object. If the direction of hammering is inclined, the steel brazing

 is easy to slip off during hammering operation, which may cause the fracture or jamming of the steel brazing 

and piston. Therefore, when crushing operation, breakdown point should be selected to ensure that the crushing 

hammer and material keep 90 degrees angle.

3. When crushing hammer, do not use crushing hammer to move/pry stones, which can easily lead to breakage

 of steel brazing of crushing hammer and damage of bracket.

 When the steel braze is inserted in the stone, the excavator should not walk or swing its arms and arms!

4. In the daily work of crushing hammer, do not hoist it with crushing hammer. 

This kind of operation will cause damage to drill rod and bracket of crushing hammer.

Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer

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