How to Guarantee the Safe Use of Crushing Hammer


As one of the common accessories of construction machinery, crushing hammer has been widely used

 in mines, railways, highways, municipal and other work occasions. In the face of harsh construction sites,

 not only to ensure the efficiency of construction, but also to ensure the safety of construction.

How to Guarantee the Safe Use of Crushing Hammer

The following is to introduce the correct use of crushing hammer:

1.In order to ensure the use and installation of crushing hammer, it is the first step. The installation of

crushing hammer is the condition of construction. As long as the quality of engineering machinery

and equipment operation is improved, engineering accidents can be reduced as far as possible.In this regard, 

the installation process and specifications of the crushing hammer should be

determined according to the relevant specifications for the installation of construction machinery

and equipment, and then the installation personnel and later operators can accurately install and

use the crushing hammer in accordance with the specifications.

2. It is necessary to test the machine. The test operation is to test the mechanical performance and

 the specifications of spare parts before the crushing hammer is put into operation. The proper debugging is

 also to further test the quality of the crushing hammer and to reduce the defects of the crushing hammer

 as much as possible. After the completion of the test machine, each part is reinforced again.

3. The operation of crushing hammer should be standardized. Configuration of personnel's protective equipment

 and selection of operation methods. For example, before the impact, select the appropriate impact point and 

confirm the stability of the drill rod, then start the work impact. It can't be used as a hammer. Put the drill bit

 on the ground before the beginning. Never attempt to use the crusher as a hammer to crush objects. 

The result of doing so will lead to damage to the crusher and machinery.Model of Crushing Hammer

How to Guarantee the Safe Use of Crushing Hammer

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Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer