Characteristics of Hydraulic Crushing Hammer


Characteristics of Hydraulic Crushing Hammer

Hydraulic crushing hammer adopts optimum design concept, enlarges piston and cylinder stroke, 

adopts the same diameter of piston and drill rod, so that the matching effect between crushing hammer 

and main engine is best, the highest output energy is reasonably utilized, energy is saved, and the highest 

work efficiency is achieved.

It can guarantee the highest quality. The piston, front part of main body, cylinder, rear part of main body 

and other main parts are manufactured by the latest heat treatment equipment. With many years of technical 

experience, excellent quality and stability are guaranteed.

Our company produces crushing hammer with a wide range of applications. Our crushing hammer

 equipment is exported to foreign markets and has been unanimously recognized by customers. 

Our price and quality have advantages. We are a manufacturer.

Characteristics of Hydraulic Crushing Hammer

Crushing hammer models include: 

SB10 crushing hammer, SB20 crushing hammer, SB30 crushing hammer, SB40 crushing hammer,

 SB50 crushing hammer and so on. In addition to these, we also produce crushing hammer accessories,

 prices and services are the best, you can click on the link to learn more.Model parameters of crushing hammer SB10

Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer