What are the common wrong operations of crushing hammer?


Hydraulic hammer, as one of the most common accessories of construction machinery, has been widely used 

in mining, railway, highway, municipal and other work occasions. As we all know, hydraulic hammer in the 

daily work is bitten by "hard bone" bad working environment, master the correct use of hammer, not only 

can improve work efficiency, but also greatly extend the service life and reduce the frequency of failure.

I. Selection and Matching of Crushing Hammer

First of all, starting from the selection of crushing hammer, in general, the user chooses crushing hammer mainly 

to consider the matching of the hammer and the working weight of the loader. Here I remind you that choosing 

the crushing hammer should not only match the working weight, but also pay attention to the matching of output

 flow and pressure of the spare valve of the hydraulic hammer.

Generally speaking, the flow rate of hydraulic hammer determines its working efficiency (that is, the number of impacts 

per minute is proportional to the number of impacts). If the flow rate and working pressure of the loader are greater 

than the demand of the hydraulic hammer, the relief valve needs to undertake heavy diversion and unloading work. 

When the crushing hammer works under ultra-high pressure, it will cause pipeline bursting, local overheating of hydraulic 

oil, and serious wear and tear of the reversing valve, seriously affecting the service life of hydraulic components.

What are the common wrong operations of crushing hammer?

II. Use of Crushing Hammer

1. Appearance inspection before crushing hammer operation

Check the gap between the drill rod and its bushing and see if there is any hydraulic oil leakage. Once hydraulic oil

 leakage is found in the crushing hammer, the damaged sealing ring should be replaced immediately. And check 

whether the relevant bolts are loose or falling off. If necessary, tighten or replace them.

2. Lubrication before/during crushing hammer operation

Crushing hammer should be lubricated before operation and within 2 to 3 hours of continuous operation. When

 butter is beaten, the hammer should be placed vertically. The fibre rod should be compacted and not suspended, 

so that butter can not enter the hydraulic system. It should be noted that butter should not be injected too much. 

Too much butter will stick to the piston. Butter will easily enter the hydraulic system when it is re-operated.

What are the common wrong operations of crushing hammer?

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