How to Extend the Life of Crushing Hammer


First: Site is the key

Choose a clean, tidy and flat site. Keep away from dust and debris. Put the hammer on two pieces of wood. Remember to clean the dirty hoses, connectors, etc. in time, recommend the use of cleaning oil, the effect is better.Any type of hammer can be used. Here we can have a specific understanding of the SB45 hammer and its model. Please click here.Characteristics of each crushing hammer

How to Extend the Life of Crushing Hammer

Second: Installation steps

(1) After the main engine and the site are ready, the first step is to align the main engine arm with the center of the broken hammer pin. Next, carefully descend the main connecting rod, align the pin hole on the arm with the pin hole on the crushing hammer bracket, and insert the pin shaft.

(2) Install the stop ring and adjust the bolt hole to insert the bolt. Tighten the two nuts crosswise. Note that if the stop ring is too tight by the nut, it will shorten the life of the bolt or cause loosening.

(3) Turn off the engine. If there is pressure in the hydraulic tank, it must be released thoroughly. Rotate the stop valve installed at the end of the main engine arm 90 degrees to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing out. Nitrogen pressure will cause the drill rod to fly out. Do not close to the drill rod during operation.

(4) Loosen the pipe plug on the hose of the crushing hammer and the cover of the pipe joint at the front end of the main engine arm, and then connect the high-pressure and low-pressure oil hoses to these joints respectively. There will be a small amount of hydraulic oil flowing out, remember to find a container to connect.

How to Extend the Life of Crushing Hammer

Third, disassembly steps

(1) The disassembly procedure of the crushing hammer is opposite to that of the installation. After disassembly, the hose on the crushing hammer is plugged with a pipe plug to prevent mud and dust from entering the hose. Also cover the pipe joints on the main engine arm with a lid to prevent dust from entering the piping. Attention should be paid to keeping the dismantled parts in good condition.

How to Extend the Life of Crushing Hammer

Crushing hammer is not used for a long time. Please keep it in the following way:

(1) Clean up the outside of the crushing hammer;

(2) Remove the steel braze from the shell and coat it with anti-corrosion oil;

(3) Before pushing the piston into the nitrogen chamber, the nitrogen in the nitrogen chamber must be sent out.

(4) When reassembling, all parts of the crushing hammer should be coated with lubricating oil before assembling.

Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer