Crushing hammer manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the matching of crushing hammer


Crushing hammer is widely used in construction, but due to the influence of working environment, the mechanical performance requirements of crushing hammer are higher. The assembling and using of crushing hammer should follow certain rules to ensure its normal service life, reduce the delay of construction process caused by parts failure and increase unnecessary losses. Today, the crushing hammer manufacturers share with you the related matters of the crushing hammer matching.

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Crushing hammer manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the matching of crushing hammer

1.Weight matching. 

Because the crushing hammer is the equipment installed on the excavator, the use of the crushing hammer depends on the role of the excavator arm, so the lifting capacity of the excavator should be able to bear the weight of the crushing hammer, otherwise not only can not give full play to the crushing force effect of the crushing hammer, the excavator will have the possibility of subversion.

Crushing hammer manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the matching of crushing hammer

2.Hydraulic matching.

 The flow of hydraulic hammer determines its working efficiency (i.e. the number of impacts per minute is proportional to the number of impacts). The work of hydraulic hammer relies mainly on the hydraulic pressure of excavator. If the flow rate and working pressure of the loader are greater than the demand of hydraulic hammer, the relief valve needs to undertake heavy diversion and unloading work. When the crushing hammer works under extreme high pressure, it will cause pipeline bursting, local overheating of hydraulic oil, and serious wear and tear of the reversing valve, seriously affecting the service life of hydraulic 

components. Therefore, when the hydraulic hammer is connected with excavator loader or other engineering construction machinery, the working pressure and flow of the main hydraulic system of the hydraulic hammer need to meet the technical parameters of the hydraulic hammer. Only when the appropriate hydraulic pressure is obtained from the excavator, the hammer can play its best performance. In general, the flow of the hammer is 60 to 80 percent of the flow of the excavator.

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