Have you chosen the right angle for your hammer


The use of crushing hammer includes loading and unloading links and engineering crushing construction links. Steady installation can not fully guarantee the safety of the use of crushing hammer. Standard operation of construction links is the most important.To learn more about the broken hammer, you are welcome to visit our company's official website. You can also click on this link for more information.Types and Characteristics of SB70 Crushing Hammer

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Have you chosen the right angle for your hammer

There are many factors to consider in the use of crushing hammer. The damage to machinery can be caused not only by the force of crushing work, but also by the operation method of the excavator driver to the crushing hammer. How to operate the excavator arm to control the breaking hammer and adjust the appropriate force angle to bring the breaking efficiency into full play while controlling the normal wear in a minimal range without causing additional damage is an important normative matter of operation technology.

Have you chosen the right angle for your hammer

In actual construction, the crusher hammer should maintain 90 degrees on the surface of the crushed object, that is to say, the surface of the crushed object should be perpendicular and kept as long as possible. If the angle of the crusher is inclined, the crusher head will slip away from the surface of the crushed object, which will cause the crusher to be subjected to lateral force, leading to faster wear and tear of the drill rod or even damage to the piston. In addition, before hitting, please select the appropriate hitting point, and confirm that the drill rod is really stable, then start the work of hitting.

The drill rod should always be perpendicular to the surface of the crushed object during the crushing hammer operation. And make the drill rod press the crushed object tightly. After crushing, the crushing hammer should stop working immediately to prevent air striking. Continuous aimless impact will cause damage to the precursor of the hammer and loosening of the main bolt, and in serious cases, damage to the main engine itself.

Have you chosen the right angle for your hammer

In order to complete the construction work with high efficiency, every item of the operation work can not be ignored. Seeing here, I don't know if it has any enlightenment for you. Did you choose the right angle for the construction of the crushing hammer? For more product information, please keep your eyes open or contact Shandong Winsense Co., Ltd.

Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer