What are the reasons for the discontinuity of hammer action


The master who often operates the broken hammer will inevitably encounter some broken hammer faults, small faults can be seen at a glance, but some faults even if the teacher is not sure to find out, today Shandong Winsense hydraulic breaker will take you to see what caused the broken hammer action discontinuity.

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What are the reasons for the discontinuity of hammer action

Motion Discontinuity: There are three main types of situations where motion continuity is poor

Because of the blockage of the oil pipeline, the oil supply is not smooth and the piston can not obtain stable power. The hydraulic system of hydraulic crushing hammer has some problems, such as insufficient pressure value, wrong direction of reversing valve, stuck piston, failure of globe valve and so on, which lead to impact stagnation and so on. As well as the stuck condition of the drill rod, the continuity and periodicity of the hydraulic hammer are affected.

Check the hydraulic circuit in time, clean up or replace the blocked position in time. Mainly inspect the tubing interface, globe valve and so on. Check and adjust the status of the drill rod, use grinding wheel or oil stone to grind the problem drill rod, and add lubricant in time.

Oil Leakage: Wear of parts such as sealing rings and poor sealing performance lead to loosening of oil joint of hydraulic hammer.

The joint of the sealing ring and the fastening oil pipe can be replaced according to the specific oil leakage position.

The tubing of hydraulic hammer has abnormal vibration: the accumulator leakage diaphragm is damaged, and the nitrogen pressure of the handle of hydraulic hammer is weakened.

What are the reasons for the discontinuity of hammer action

Check the accumulator gas pressure, if not to maintain the specified pressure, you need to check whether the diaphragm is damaged. The corresponding position needs to adjust the nitrogen pressure of the hydraulic hammer to achieve balance.

Because the hydraulic hammer is composed of a series of precision components, if used improperly, it is easy to cause the above-mentioned failures. Therefore, in the use process to develop good maintenance habits, can avoid unnecessary losses.

The working environment of the crushing hammer leads to the parts of the crushing hammer need to be replaced frequently. If we maintain the crushing hammer regularly, the probability of breakdown of the crushing hammer can be reduced, and the service life of the crushing hammer can be prolonged effectively.

What are the reasons for the discontinuity of hammer action

Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer