How to deal with the tremor when the hammer is working


Usually work is mainly broken, the main reaction of the machine is that when the machine is working, the vibration is intense, the head of the bucket rod cylinder cylinder cracks, and the hydraulic oil injection is everywhere. No choice but to stop work and wait for repairs.

In this case, we should clarify the model of the crushing hammer and its working principle, and then prescribe the appropriate medicine to avoid delaying the work flow. Our company produces the crushing hammer at a reasonable price. The manufacturer sells it directly. We can customize it according to the customer's requirements. The service is in place, the delivery is timely and the models are complete, such as SB50, SB70, SB81, SB121, SB100 and so on. Each model of the crushing hammer is available. Features and functions are different, you want to know more about the SB121 hammer breaker details, please click here.What is the working principle of hydraulic breaker SB121

How to deal with the tremor when the hammer is working

fault analysis

The initial severe vibration of the machine is caused by the damage of the accumulator bowl of the crushing hammer and the loss of vibration absorption function. The reason is very simple. The crushing hammer operates in the state of severe vibration for a long time, and the vibration absorption capacity is not available. In the long run, the welding seam of the head of the bucket rod cylinder barrel cracks.

Fault handling

Because the cause of the machine failure is not complicated, only the user's neglect of inspection will cause more serious consequences, so the vibration disappears when the maintenance personnel use the broken hammer after replacing the broken hammer bowl.

Many of the initial causes of failure are very small, and it will not be painful to deal with them. If we clearly see that there are abnormal conditions in excavators, we have to force construction, small faults will certainly drag into a major failure! 

How to deal with the tremor when the hammer is working

Correct Operation Method of Crushing Hammer