hydraulic breaker Selection Basis


As an indispensable high-efficiency crushing machine in modern construction, only hydraulic breaker and excavator can achieve a very high degree of matching to give full play to the great effectiveness of hydraulic breaker. Once hydraulic breaker model and excavator properties are different, not only will the crushing construction effect of hydraulic breaker be affected, but also may cause damage to the relevant accessories. Therefore, careful selection of hydraulic breaker model should be made before construction.

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hydraulic breaker  Selection Basis

So what factors should be taken into account when making a specific choice?

The working pressure and working condition of excavator hydraulic system are the main factors to decide the type of hydraulic breaker. The matching of hydraulic breaker and excavator, the weight and bucket capacity of excavator can fully consider the weight of excavator to prevent the overturning of excavator due to the overweight of hydraulic breaker when the arm is fully extended. Excessive selection of hydraulic breaker may cause the excavator to overturn, too small to give full play to the effectiveness of the excavator, but also accelerate the damage of hydraulic breaker. Only when the weight of excavator and hydraulic breaker matches, can the efficiency of excavator and hydraulic breaker be brought into full play. In general, the standard bucket capacity of excavator reflects the weight of the machine. At present, the better method is to calculate the range of hydraulic breaker according to the bucket capacity of excavator.

In addition, the high load nature of hydraulic breaker determines its inevitable damage, which will have a certain impact on its performance. There is a gap between the change of hydraulic breaker's nature and the relevant data when it leaves the factory. Therefore, users should pay attention to the selection of hydraulic breaker according to the actual state of hydraulic breaker.

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