Treatment of Black Oil in hydraulic breaker


Here is mainly about the treatment of black oil in the hydraulic breaker. If you want to know the type of the hydraulic breaker and the characteristics of the hydraulic breaker, please come to our company website for detailed understanding. Please also read:hydraulic breaker SB50

The black oil in hydraulic breaker hydraulic system is caused not only by dust, but also by nonstandard butter filling. When replacing hydraulic accessories such as tubing, steel pipe and oil return filter, dust or debris at the interface should be cleaned up before they can be loosened and replaced.

Treatment of Black Oil in hydraulic breaker

Here's how to deal with black oil in hydraulic breaker.

1. Replace the dust-proof seal in time, and do not beat off frequently.

2. Use butter position correctly (hydraulic breaker should be lifted when butter is filled, drill rod pressed into piston, and only half-shot of standard butter gun is needed for each filling).

3. Install oil return filter device and water spraying device to reduce external dust.

4. The upper and lower bushings are worn too much, and the bushings should be replaced in time.

5. Intake one-way valve is broken or blocked, check one-way valve regularly.

6. Attention should be paid to whether the size of steel braze matches the bushing.

The above is the treatment method of black oil in hydraulic breaker. Choose broken hammer, please contact us, we will provide you with high quality products!

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