Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators
  • Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators
  • Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators
  • Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators
Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators

Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators

Company:Shandong Winsense Machinery Co.,Ltd

Address:Korea Industrial Park,Fushan District,Yantai City,Shandong Province



Hydraulic breakers for excavators are an excellent combination for leveling stubborn land dunes and stony earth. Hydraulic breakers are the latest and best heavy machinery for breaking land and are very popular with the construction companies. After the hard work of hydraulic breakers, the excavators take over the project and remove all the earth and stones broken by them. That is why hydraulic breakers for excavators are must to have machinery for a successful project.

Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators

Whether your company is building roads, dams or developing a housing scheme you will surely require hydraulic breakers and excavators to make your project successful. Our company is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic breakers for excavators and you can contact us for getting best price for the said machinery.

Our company’s mission is to provide you best durable machinery that can last the tough construction work anywhere in the world.  Hydraulic breakers for excavators are for sale at our factory and you are welcome to ask for any details and specification that are required by you. While buying machinery you have to see the after sale services of the company also, we boast to provide you with the industry best after sale service, repairs or any other help that you may require.

Demand of Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators is Increasing:

Demand of hydraulic breakers for excavators is increasing as more and more development projects are starting throughout the region. Keeping in view this demand we are making great efforts to provide our reputed clients with the best possible and durable machines that are long lasting and will save you great number labor hours. This will help you to increase the ROI of your investment and make your project stand out.

Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators

Our hydraulic breakers for excavators are not only popular with the local companies all over China but we export them to Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan etc. We have several satisfied clients of our machinery in different countries.

Which Hydraulic Breakers Are Suitable For Excavators?

The following hydraulic breakers are suitable for excavators:

· Hydraulic Breaker SB10

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB20

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB30

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB40

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB43

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB45

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB50

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB70

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB81

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB100

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB121

·  Hydraulic Breaker SB131

Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators

Shandong Winsense Hydraulic Breaker Manufacturers:

Shandong Winsense Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004. We are professional hydraulic breaker manufacturers and producing best quality hydraulic breakers. Now our factory mainly produces Soosan system hydraulic breakers, Furukawa system hydraulic breakers and spare parts in China. We supply all kinds of Cylinder Ass’ y to home and abroad. We offer high quality and durable hydraulic breakers for sale to construction companies and international importers.

To get the product specifications and brochures you can contact us directly or through one of our sales agent. We are sure that our hydraulic breakers for excavators will prove to be asset for your company. For more details and pricing, Contact Us.

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