hydraulic breaker SB100
  • hydraulic breaker SB100
hydraulic breaker SB100

hydraulic breaker SB100

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Hydraulic breaker SB100 correct use method:

When hydraulic breaker SB100 works, the drill rod must be pressed on the rock first, and keep a certain pressure before starting hydraulic breaker SB100. It is not allowed to start in suspended state.

The application scope of hydraulic breaker SB100:

1. Mining: mountain-breaking, mining, screen-breaking and secondary breaking

2. Metallurgy: ladle, slag cleaning, furnace dismantling and equipment foundation dismantling

3. Railway: hill-opening, tunnel excavation, road and bridge demolition, roadbed compaction

4. Highway: highway repair, cement pavement breakage, foundation excavation

5. Municipal gardens: concrete crushing, water, electricity and gas engineering construction, old city reconstruction

6. Architecture: demolition of old buildings and breakage of reinforced concrete

7. Ships: Removing clams and rusts from hulls

8. Others: ice breaking, frozen soil breaking, sand shaping

hydraulic breaker SB100

Notes for hydraulic breaker SB100 Use:

1) Stop operation of hydraulic breaker SB100 hose during severe vibration

hydraulic breaker SB100 high and low pressure hoses should be checked for excessive vibration. If this happens, it may be a failure, you should contact our designated local service office immediately to obtain maintenance services. The hose joint should be further checked for oil leakage. If there is oil leakage, the joint should be re-tightened. As shown in the figure, it is necessary to inspect visually whether there is any excess steel brazing during operation. If there is no spare steel brazing, it must be stuck in the lower body. The body should be removed to check whether the parts should be repaired or replaced.

2) hydraulic breaker SB100 stop operation (avoid excessive air strikes)

Once the stone is broken, hammering should be stopped immediately. If air strikes continue, bolts will loosen or break, and even excavators and loaders will be adversely affected. When the crushing force of hydraulic breaker SB100 is not suitable or steel brazing rod is used as prying rod, air impact will occur. (The sound changes when hammering air)

3) Stones cannot be moved by hydraulic breaker SB100

As shown in the figure, rocks cannot be rolled sideways with steel filler metal or brackets. Because the oil pressure comes from the excavator, loader arm and arm. The upper and lower arms will be damaged during bucket, rotary or sliding operation, while broken hammer bolts may break, brackets will also be damaged, and steel brazing will also break or scratch. It should be avoided to move stones with broken hammers. In particular, it is pointed out that steel brazing is not allowed to be inserted into stone.

hydraulic breaker SB100

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