hydraulic breaker SB121
  • hydraulic breaker SB121
hydraulic breaker SB121

hydraulic breaker SB121

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What is the working principle of hydraulic breaker SB121?

Before using the crushing hammer, let's know about the crushing hammer. Now the crushing hammer has become an important choice of operating tools for excavators, and some have installed the crushing hammer to the excavator loader (that is, they are busy at both ends) to play the operational performance of the hammer. In my personal understanding, the principle of gun hammer is to drive the piston inside the hammer to move back and forth by the pressure generated by the hydraulic oil passing through the hydraulic pump. The piston stroke hits the drill rod at high speed, and the drill rod breaks the solid such as ore or concrete. There are many types of hammer, such as hydraulic breaker SB121, which is introduced to you today.

hydraulic breaker SB121

Attention should be paid to the use of hydraulic breaker SB121:

Check the tightness of hydraulic breaker SB121 side plate bolts, connecting bolts and nuts every day, because hydraulic breaker SB121 will produce great vibration in work, bolts and nuts are easy to loosen, if not tightened in time, it will cause hydraulic breaker SB121 damage.

Butter lubrication should be supplemented in time for 2-3 hours of hydraulic breaker SB121 work. Butter injection must be carried out under the compacted condition of drill rod. If butter is not supplemented in this way, it will lead to excessive damage of butter and dust-proof ring entering the cylinder block, resulting in strain.

The nitrogen chamber pressure of the crusher should also be checked before hydraulic breaker SB121 works. Whether the pressure is too low or too high, hydraulic breaker SB121 will work badly.

hydraulic breaker SB121


Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are a supplier of broken hammers in Yantai.

Q: Are you sure that your product is suitable for my excavator?

Our equipment is suitable for most excavators. Show us your excavator model and we'll confirm the solution.

Question: Can you produce according to customer's design?

A: Of course, OEM / ODM services can be provided. We are a professional manufacturer of Yantai.

Q: How about the delivery time?

A: 5-25 working days after payment.

Q: How about the package?

A: Our equipment is packed in stretch film, pallet or polyethylene wooden case, or as required.

Q: Which country did you export to?

A: Saudi Arabia, the United States, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Canada, Australia, Peru, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, South Africa, etc.

For more information about our company, please feel free to contact us!

hydraulic breaker SB121

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