hydraulic breaker SB40
  • hydraulic breaker SB40
hydraulic breaker SB40

hydraulic breaker SB40

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There are many types of hammer, including hydraulic breaker SB40, mute hammer, vertical hammer, triangle hammer, what type of hammer do you want, we have here, we are a professional manufacturer of hammer, welcome like-minded friends to consult, if you are interested in our hydraulic breaker SB40, you are welcome to call for advice.

hydraulic breaker SB40

Storage Notes:

- hydraulic breaker SB40 should be stored in a place where the temperature difference does not change much.

- Steel brazing should be removed and internal nitrogen (N2) released.

- The end of piston should be coated with butter, steel brazing and bushing should be coated with antirust agent.

- When lubrication is not possible, the steel brazing must be retracted to facilitate the piston to enter the cylinder.

- Connect the joints of excavator/loader and main parts. Seal the joints cap to prevent dust from entering the tubing.

- hydraulic breaker SB40 is best placed vertically. If not, hydraulic breaker SB40 should be placed on the flat floor where the bars are placed.

- If hydraulic breaker SB40 is placed on a wooden bar for more than 6 months, please check the corrosion status of all seals and bolts in the cylinder before operation.

hydraulic breaker SB40

Application of hydraulic breaker SB40:

1, mining: opening, mining, grit crushing, and two crushing.

2, metallurgy: ladle, slag cleaning, demolition furnace body, equipment foundation demolition.

3, railway: Mountain opening, tunneling, road and bridge demolition, and roadbed compaction.

4, highway: highway repair, cement pavement breakage, foundation excavation.

Hydraulic Breaker SB40 video:

If you want more details, please see hydraulic breaker sb40's work video,hope you will like this.

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