hydraulic breaker SB43
  • hydraulic breaker SB43
hydraulic breaker SB43

hydraulic breaker SB43

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Shandong Mingsen Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various types of crushing hammers, such as triangular crushing hammer, hydraulic crushing hammer, vertical crushing hammer, etc. The manufacturer has a complete production service system, tailor-made hydraulic hammer solutions for you. The function of each type of hammer is also different, such as hydraulic breaker SB43. If you want to know more about the hammer, you are welcome to call or email at any time, and we will reply to you at the first time.

hydraulic breaker SB43

Basic Introduction of Hydraulic Crushing Hammer SB43:

The main work of hydraulic hammer SB43 is composed of cylinder, piston rod, drill rod, reversing valve, accumulator, oil seal assembly, etc.

Hydraulic oil inlet kinetic energy + upper accumulator kinetic energy pushes the cylinder rod upward to compress nitrogen chamber. After reaching the highest point, the direction of the reversing valve is changed. Hydraulic inlet kinetic energy + nitrogen compressed kinetic energy can drive the cylinder pipe to drill down the drill pipe quickly and complete the crushing operation.

hydraulic breaker SB43

How to Reduce the Damage of Crushing Hammer:

Now the ubiquitous excavator plays a vital role in the modernization construction of our country. We said before that there are many excavator accessories. Crushing hammer is the most common type. For the manufacturers of crushing hammer, making high-quality crushing hammer is the fundamental survival of enterprises. For drivers, choosing hammer, hammering hammer and maintaining hammer are the three basic skills. However, in practice, the breaking hammer often breaks down and takes a long time to maintain. In fact, one move can solve this problem. That is to do the following things well:

Daily maintenance is very important

When the excavator is in a downtime state, we need to maintain hydraulic breaker SB43 regularly. Although the maintenance can not change significantly, it is a process from qualitative to quantitative change. Many hydraulic breaker SB43 damages are due to inadequate daily maintenance, from small problems to big problems. Therefore, regular maintenance is very important. When problems are found, more attention should be paid to nursing.

Operation should be correct

1. Inspection of startup: Shake the lever to see if there is any problem.

2. Prevent air strikes: air strikes seem not serious, and do not cause much damage to hydraulic breaker SB43 itself. In fact, this wrong operation will cause loosening of the main bolt, damage of the precursor, or even damage to the machine! It must be taken as a precept.

3. hydraulic breaker SB43 pushing heavy objects: We believe that people have done more or less the operation of pushing heavy objects with the protective plate of hydraulic breaker SB43. In fact, this kind of behavior is very dangerous. On the one hand, the hammer itself is damaged, on the other hand, if the smashed machine is small, a careless accident will cause the machine broken arm, rollover and other dangerous accidents.

4. Continuous operation should pay attention to oil temperature and drill rod. Continuous operation time should be appropriately reduced in harsh conditions and places.

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