hydraulic breaker SB45
  • hydraulic breaker SB45
hydraulic breaker SB45

hydraulic breaker SB45

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hydraulic breaker SB45 Cause

If there are weaknesses in knocking, the problem is insufficient oil supply, leakage of oil seal and poor oil return, but the specific problem is where, only you carefully check, because you know the scene best, you said that you changed the bushing, please check the size and accuracy of the bushing, installation location. Whether in place, plugging hole, etc., here is only an analysis, for reference only.

How to change the oil seal of the breaking hammer of the excavator?

Remove the hydraulic breaker SB45 splint and unscrew the through screw on the back. hydraulic breaker SB45 is divided into three parts, you can replace the oil seal.

hydraulic breaker SB45

The characteristics of crushing hammer models include:

Side type breakers

Decrease in overall length

Easy to retrieve objects

Easy maintenance

Top type breakers

Easy to control, easy to locate, more conducive to excavation and digging

Without side weight, the probability of breaking rods decreases

The whole length is slightly longer and the weight is heavier.

Box type breakers

Low noise, closed structure

Mainframe is not easily damaged

hydraulic breaker SB45

Whatever your industry is!

Choose our hydraulic breaker SB45 as your partner to perform a lot of tasks. hydraulic breaker SB45

Suitable for all kinds of transport tools, such as wheeled and crawler excavators, can quickly and economically complete the work!

We can provide box/mute, top-mounted and side-mounted hydraulic circuit breakers. No matter what you need, we can provide them for you!

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