hydraulic breaker SB70
  • hydraulic breaker SB70
hydraulic breaker SB70

hydraulic breaker SB70

Company:Shandong Winsense Machinery Co.,Ltd

Address:Korea Industrial Park,Fushan District,Yantai City,Shandong Province



High Quality Excavator hydraulic breaker SB70

1. Years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic crushers

2. Pay attention to quality and after-sales service

3. hydraulic breaker SB70 High Quality Durable Fragile Parts

4. hydraulic breaker SB70 Advanced Manufacturing Equipment Introduced from Korea

5. hydraulic breaker SB70 uses high quality materials

6. hydraulic breaker SB70 has low maintenance, less malfunction and long service life.

hydraulic breaker SB70

Company introduction

Shandong Winsense Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004.We are a professional manufacturer for producing hydraulic breakers. Now our factory mainly produces Soosan system hydraulic breakers, Furukawa system hydraulic breakers and spare parts in China. We supply kinds of Cylinder Ass’ y to home and abroad.

We already successfully developed 210mm and 230mm dia. Chisel heavy duty breakers in 2012. We also do OEM for famous brands hydraulic breakers for Korea, USA and Italy.

hydraulic breaker SB70

hydraulic breaker SB70 Kinds

Hydraulic-pneumatic combination relies on hydraulic oil and compressed nitrogen expansion at the back, while driving the piston to work, most of the crushers belong to this kind of products; according to the valve structure classification: hydraulic crushers are divided into two types: built-in valve and external valve.

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