Hydraulic Breaker Shell
  • Hydraulic Breaker Shell
Hydraulic Breaker Shell

Hydraulic Breaker Shell

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Hydraulic Breaker Shell Installation

Since most excavators are not equipped with piping accessories for hydraulic hammers at the factory, they are only equipped with spare valves. Therefore, when these excavators are equipped with hydraulic hammers, the pressure of the self-contained piping and accessories will be lowered. The impact force of the hydraulic hammer, in order to minimize the back pressure of the hydraulic hammer, the common return line can be directly returned to the tank through the oil filter (no longer through the backup valve). In order to facilitate the replacement of the bucket, excavation work should be carried out, and a shut-off valve should be installed in the pipeline close to the hydraulic hammer. When installing the pipeline, prevent the intrusion of dirt into the system. The steel pipe and joints must be cleaned and the hose must not be twisted.

Hydraulic Breaker Shell Maintain

Due to the harsh working conditions of the hydraulic hammer, proper maintenance reduces machine failure and extends the life of the machine. In addition to the routine maintenance of the excavator, the following points should also be noted.

(1) Visual inspection Check the gap between the drill rod and its bushing and check if there is any hydraulic oil oozing out. If oil seeps out, it indicates that the low pressure oil seepage seal has been damaged and should be replaced by a professional. Check if the relevant bolts are loose and the pin on the connection is worn.

(2) Lubrication The lubrication point of the working device should be added with grease at least twice a day.

(3) Replacing the filter element and hydraulic oil When using the hydraulic hammer, the deterioration and contamination of the hydraulic oil is much faster than that of the ordinary bucket. Normally, the oil filter element and hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system should be replaced at half the normal replacement cycle.

Hydraulic Breaker Shell

Hydraulic Breaker Shell

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