Hydraulic Breaker Shell
  • Hydraulic Breaker Shell
Hydraulic Breaker Shell

Hydraulic Breaker Shell

Company:Shandong Winsense Machinery Co., Ltd

Address:Korea Industrial Park,Fushan District,Yantai City, Shandong Province



Hydraulic Breaker Shell Characteristics

1. Various components such as broken hammer shell structural parts, broken hammer whole machine and upper and lower cylinders, pistons, inner jackets, long and short bolts, etc.

2. The hammer shell is made of the most suitable steel plate and welding material for durability.

3, professional welding equipment and senior welding personnel to ensure that the welding performance is firm and reliable.

4. The professional sand blasting machine guarantees the surface quality of the workpiece and eliminates the welding stress.

5. Special drilling mold and specially designed 1000-ton press to ensure the geometric size and shape of the workpiece.

6, professional CNC cutting equipment to ensure cutting quality and product consistency.

7, the entire set of mechanical processing equipment, to avoid out-of-control processing quality.

8, perfect shape design and sufficient inventory.

Hydraulic Breaker Shell Service

Please come to the company to buy the broken hammer shell, our company will meet the needs of customers as their responsibility, quality assurance and survival, reputation to the development of the common; adhere to the quality first, the credibility of the first, the user first policy, to provide users with satisfactory products And excellent after-sales service.

Hydraulic Breaker Shell

Hydraulic Breaker Shell

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