Hydraulic breaker Hose
  • Hydraulic breaker Hose
Hydraulic breaker Hose

Hydraulic breaker Hose

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Hydraulic breaker Hose Operational precautions

During the operation of the hammer, operators should pay attention to the following points:

hoses should be stopped during severe vibration.

Hydraulic breaker Hose

Hydraulic breaker Hose Introduction

Check whether the high and low pressure hose of the hammer is vibrating too violently. If that is the case, it may be a failure, and you should contact your local authorized service office immediately for maintenance services. It is necessary to further check whether the hose joint is leaking oil. If there is oil leakage, the joint should be tightened again. As shown in the figure, during the operation should be visually measured whether there is a surplus of steel drill, if there is no margin must be stuck in the lower body, should be removed lower body, check whether the parts should be repaired or replaced fault parts.

Hydraulic breaker Hose

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