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NitrogenBottle2 Information

Stop operations (avoid excessive air strikes).

Once the stone is broken, it should stop hammering immediately. If air strikes continue, bolts will loosen or break, and even excavators and loaders will be adversely affected. When the breaking force of the broken hammer is not proper or the steel drill is used as a pry bar, it will cause an empty blow. (when the hammer strikes, the sound will change when hammering).

NitrogenBottle2 Notication

broken hammer can not be used to move stones.

As shown and shown, do not roll or push stones with the end of the drill steel or the side of the bracket. Because the oil pressure comes from the excavator, loader arm and small arm at this time. Bucket, swing or sliding operation, so the upper and lower arms will be damaged, while broken hammer bolts may break, brackets will be damaged, steel brazing will break or scratch, should avoid using broken hammer to move stones. In particular, it is pointed out that the steel drill should be inserted in stone and must not be allowed to walk.



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