hydraulic breaker SB10
  • hydraulic breaker SB10
hydraulic breaker SB10

hydraulic breaker SB10

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The Introduction Of Hydraulic Breaker SB10:

Hydraulic crushing hammer is referred to as "crushing hammer" or "crusher". The power source of hydraulic breaker SB10 is the pressure provided by excavators, loaders or pumping stations. It can crush stone and rock more effectively and improve work efficiency in engineering construction.

Basic Performance Of Hydraulic Breaker SB10:

Working oil (l/min) 15-30

Working pressure (kgf/cm2) 90-120

Striking frequency (Bpm) 800-1400

Size & size

Drill rod diameter (mm) 40

Total weight (kg) 70

Total height of equipment (mm) 972

Width (mm) 162

Drill rod diameter range (mm) 100 below

hydraulic breaker SB10

hydraulic breaker SB10 Type Selection Matters:

The power source of hydraulic hammer is the pressure oil provided by excavators, loaders or pumping stations. It can effectively clean up floating rocks and soil in rock crevices in the excavation of building foundations. The following crushing hammer manufacturers for you to introduce a few hydraulic crushing hammer selection matters:

1. The principle of selecting hydraulic breaker SB10 is to select suitable hydraulic hammer according to excavator type and working environment.

2. The matching of hydraulic breaker SB10 and excavator, for excavator users, the main consideration is the matching of weight, but also check the matching of power. For other load-bearing machinery, power matching and weight matching are equally important. It is also very reliable to choose hydraulic hammer according to the experience of other users.

3. The number in the hydraulic hammer model may indicate the weight or bucket capacity of excavator, the weight of hydraulic hammer, the diameter of drill rod, or the impact energy of hydraulic hammer. In most cases, the number does not correspond to the meaning it represents, and it is often a range of quantities. And sometimes the parameters of the hydraulic hammer have changed, but the model remains unchanged, which makes the meaning of the model number more ambiguous. Users should pay more attention.

hydraulic breaker SB10

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