hydraulic breaker SB20
  • hydraulic breaker SB20
hydraulic breaker SB20

hydraulic breaker SB20

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Our Shandong Winsense Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of crushing hammers, as well as crushing hammer accessories. Our model is complete, hydraulic breaker SB20, stable performance, simple operation, reasonable price.

hydraulic breaker SB20

hydraulic breaker SB20 Information:

Crushing hammer should be operated at routine engine speed

Crushing hammer crushing is that the engine speed should meet the prescribed fixed value, exceeding the engine speed required by the operation will not increase the impact force, but will cause oil temperature rise leading to equipment damage.

Maintenance method of hydraulic breaker SB20 brought by crushing hammer manufacturer:

Crushing hammer is also known as hydraulic pick, hydraulic gun, gunner, crushing head, etc. The power source of crushing hammer is the pressure provided by excavator, loader or pump station. It can crush stones and rocks more effectively and improve work efficiency in engineering construction. However, attention should also be paid to the maintenance when using. The following manufacturers of crushing hammers will introduce several hydraulic hammer SB20 maintenance methods for you.

1. hydraulic breaker SB20 storage should pay attention to anti-rust. The crushing hammer should be stored indoors as far as possible. If it is stored outdoors, the crushing hammer should be covered well. At the same time, the storage environment should be kept dry and ventilated. If it is wet, it may rust the surface of hydraulic breaker SB20 and affect the use of hydraulic breaker SB20.

2. Pay attention to choosing to place hydraulic breaker SB20 vertically or horizontally on the wooden floor according to the actual situation of hydraulic breaker SB20 and storage environment.

3. Check the loosening of the high or low pressure tubing of the crushing hammer before each use of hydraulic breaker SB20, so as to avoid the tubing falling off due to vibration, thus causing failure.

4. hydraulic hammer SB20 manufacturer suggests that when the crushing hammer is not used for a long time, the parts of the crushing hammer should be disassembled. When disassembling hydraulic breaker SB20, attention should be paid to disassembling the pin shaft connected with the bucket rod first.

hydraulic breaker SB20

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