hydraulic breaker SB30
  • hydraulic breaker SB30
hydraulic breaker SB30

hydraulic breaker SB30

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We are a professional manufacturer of crushing hammer. We have an excellent team and professional technical guidance. Our crushing hammer models are complete, including hydraulic breaker SB30, SB43, SB81, and so on. If you are interested in understanding, welcome to visit our company.

hydraulic breaker SB30

hydraulic breaker SB30 Difference:

If the excavator has a fast connector, it can be quickly installed according to the installation method prescribed by the manufacturer of the fast connector, but I found that there are still many excavator hydraulic pipelines installed differently, and why? The assembly of large and small digging and crushing hammers is different, but in principle, they are "constant". Most drivers are only responsible for the operation part, which is not particularly clear. In order to enrich the "extra-curricular knowledge", Xiao Mai also collated some information for your simple understanding.

Why does hydraulic breaker SB30 inject nitrogen?

According to the working principle, the hydraulic crusher can be divided into three categories: full hydraulic crusher, combined liquid-gas crusher and nitrogen explosive crusher. Hydro-pneumatic combined crusher relies on hydraulic oil and back compressed nitrogen to expand, while driving the piston to work. Most of the crushers we usually use belong to hydro-pneumatic combined crusher. So why does hydraulic breaker SB30 add nitrogen? If you have other questions to consult, please feel free to visit our company's official website, or call to consult.

hydraulic breaker SB30

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